Must-Have Holiday Stocking Stuffers for 2023 at Quinnderella's Toys & Big Fun Toys!

The holiday season is here, and it's time to fill up those stockings on your fireplace! At Quinnderella's Toys in Manasquan, NJ, and Big Fun Toys in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, we're excited to share our carefully curated list of the best selling stocking stuffers this year. These magical finds are perfect for bringing extra smiles to your festive celebrations.

  1. Kawaii Slime - $16.99 Unleash endless fun with Big Fun's favorite slime– Kawaii Slime! Holiday varieties include Reindeer Poop, Melted Snowman, Arctic Icee Cola. Ideal for kids who love crafting and sensory play. A must-have for your holiday stockings– now with improved packaging!
  2. Holiday Squishie Stickers - $4.99 Brighten up your holidays with our adorable Holiday Squishie Stickers for only $4.99. These festive, squishable stickers bring joy and fun to any surface. Perfect for decorating notebooks, laptops, and more!
  3. Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion - $4.99 Bring laughter to your holiday gatherings with our Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion, priced at $4.99. A classic prank toy that inflates itself for endless fun. Great for family gatherings and parties!
  4. Freeze Dried Candy - $9.99 Experience a blast of flavor with our Freeze Dried Candy at $9.99. These crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth sweets are a unique treat for candy lovers. A delightful surprise for any stocking!
  5. Nee Doh Snowball & Gumdrop - $4.99 Get your hands on the Nee Doh Snowball & Gumdrop for just $4.99. These squishy, stress-relieving toys are perfect for calming and sensory play. A winter-themed delight for all ages!
  6. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trading Cards - $7.99 Catch them all with our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trading Cards, only $7.99. Dive into the latest Pokemon adventures and expand your collection. Ideal for young trainers and collectors!
  7. Make Your Own Snow Tube - $4.99 Craft your winter wonder with our Make Your Own Snow Tube at $4.99. This creative kit lets kids design and decorate their own snow tube. A perfect activity for snowy days!
  8. Melting Snowman - $8.99 Watch magic unfold with our Melting Snowman, priced at $8.99. Build it, watch it melt, and rebuild again for hours of fun. An enchanting toy that captures the spirit of winter!
  9. Mini LiteBrite Kit - $12.99 Light up creativity with our Mini LiteBrite Kit for $12.99. This compact version of the classic game sparks imagination and is great for travel. A colorful way to brighten any holiday!
  10. Topps 2023 Baseball Cards - $7.99 Hit a home run with our Topps 2023 Baseball Cards, only $7.99. Perfect for sports enthusiasts and card collectors. Start or expand your collection with the latest season's players!
  11. Tech Decks - 4 pack for $19.99 Skate into fun with our 4-pack Tech Decks for $19.99. These miniature skateboards are perfect for fingerboarding tricks and collecting. A must-have for skate enthusiasts and collectors alike!
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